Humphries IFA

As owner of Surbiton-based Humphries IFA, Jaeson Humphries wanted a brand identity reflecting his personal style: witty, confident, straight-forward.

So we created everything from brand identity to tone of voice guidelines alongside a new website, stationery, literature and advertising campaign – all illustrating the firm’s credibility, professionalism and trusted status balanced with Jaseon’s charismatic approach.

The design concept used a flexible identity which quirkily combined a solid capital ‘H’ (Bauer Bodoni font) with objects representing Humphries’ services: an iconic bowler hat with its traditional connotations of British banking, a Monopoly house (mortgages), a piggy bank (investments) and an umbrella (insurance).

And the result? A modern, dynamic and intuitive brand that feels reassuringly established and professional – yet refreshingly unstuffy.

me&him are good to their word, you do feel like you are dealing with a friendly team who are in step with your own business requirements and take your needs as seriously as you do. When building something as important as the web version of your companies heart and soul for the world to see via the web, it’s vital to have open and honest dialogue, me&him actively seek and insist on this level of candid feedback.

—Jaeson Humphries, Owner and Director