Edwin Coe
Law Firm

Edwin Coe is a prestigious London commercial law firm (ranked at 111 in The Lawyer UK-200). But they weren’t doing themselves any justice with a website that was outdated, unresponsive, and unreflective of their status and ambition.

That’s why me&him was drafted in to design a new ‘look and feel’ visually combining the firm’s heritage with a contemporary approach. Firstly, we ran a workshop to establish website audiences and user journeys. Then we created an effective site map and an easily navigable platform to handle huge amounts of data with bespoke functionality.

The new website works seamlessly and truly epitomises the firm’s outstanding pedigree. And the final verdict? An impressive 25% uplift in online enquiries, page one rankings for many service areas and one very substantial new client (we can’t say who).

Edwin Coe Intranet

Our on-going relationship with Edwin Coe has seen the recent creation of their Intranet. A unique set of requirements meant an off-the-shelf product wasn’t going to prove effective. So we designed and built a bespoke platform from the ground up. Using WordPress for ease of development whilst providing a front and back-end familiar to the comms team and consistent with the Edwin Coe brand.

The intranet provides a secure online environment for all of Edwin Coe’s day-to-day activities including news and events calendar, blog posts migrated automatically from the customer facing site and integration with their Active Directory.

I have worked with Paul and the team from me&him for a number of years. During that time, they have been commissioned to advise on the creation and build of two new websites to support my marketing strategy.

Personable, knowledgeable, friendly and creative, Paul and his team are my first port of call for any digital requirements. I have always been impressed with the depth of their knowledge, speed of response, but also the ability to stay on top of trends in website design. With a broad range of clients, me&him were able to advise me on the best strategy for my website  and I am very pleased with the results!

—Tanya Byrne, Head of Business Development and Marketing